Susie Pak

Susie Pak, born and raised in Seoul Korea, began exploring art at a young age by first copying Manga characters in 5th Grade. As she grew older she auditioned and was accepted to the prestigious Seoul Art High School to further develop her passion in the arts. After graduating the rigorous program, Susie went on to attend the world renowned EWHA Women’s University in Seoul, Korea eventually receiving a BFA, Arts Major. 

After she was married she moved to Chicago, IL then eventually Los Angeles, CA where she attended FIDM in Downtown L.A., graduating with a President Honor. Her focus on Design Merchandising at FIDM lead her to work at Macy’s as their main Window Displayer. After a short break, Susie returned to Fine Art. She had her first solo Art show in February of 2009 entitled “Pink, Not Green” at LouWe Gallery in South Pasadena, CA followed a few months later (October '09) with “The Journey to Home.” Her most recent exhibition at SPACE in South Pasadena, CA was entitled “Real Hero/Tinman”. 

Susie’s illustration work leans toward the Surrealist and projects both rawness and delicacy, whimsy and depth.

Susie Pak is represented by Agency Arts for Illustration.

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