"To Be A Woman"

Directed by Jennifer Toole

This is a story about being honest and true to who you are, as a woman, deep in your core.  A story of not letting others dictate the image you should project, not letting those who judge you change who you are and not feeling the need to stay silent.  This is Cricket’s story:

Cricket is an 18 year old beauty Queen from a small town outside of Ottawa.  Her first experience with pageantry was the heart-felt, charity-oriented, supportive experience of a hometown pageant which she won.  This brought her to compete in the Top Model of Canada pageant which she then won.  After winning, the first thing said to her from the judges was “You better lose a bunch of weight if you want to get an agent.”  Cricket quickly became disenchanted with the modelling industry.  On her way to Egypt to compete in the Top Model of the World pageant she stopped by Jennifer Toole’s studio to shave her head and do a photoshoot/interview for Herself.com.  Cricket’s plan was to wear a wig to all her fittings leading up to the pageant so not to be disqualified and although nervous, managed to get through the lead up without incident.  Cricket revealed her shaved head on stage at the Top Model of the World and needless-to-say, she didn’t win.  Her interview was published on Herself.com to hopefully inspire women to love themselves as they are.